Mobile toilets for motorhome, boat and garden

When choosing a mobile toilet, there is a wide choice. The offer ranges from dry toilets to chemical toilets to toilets with water flushing.

Overview of different types of mobile toilets

The chemical additives in chemical toilets cause them to pollute the environment and the user depends on special disposal stations. You get by without chemical additives. The water consumption of mobile toilets with water flushing varies. In addition, the variation requires a water connection.

The alternative: dry toilets.

A dry toilet is a toilet without water flushing. If the feces are separated, one speaks of separation toilets. If the feces are collected in a container, it is a earth toilet. A humus toilet goes a step further by composting the feces.

Composting toilets are separation toilets where the solids are composted.

If urine and feces are not separated, unpleasant odors can develop. Such variants should therefore have an exhaust air system. After composting, the excretions can be used biologically as fertilizer or disposed of micro-biologically harmlessly.

All separation toilets are dry toilets. But not all dry toilets are separation toilets. And all composting toilets are dry toilets but not necessarily always separating toilets.

Kompostiertoilette als Gartentoilette

Difference between Nature’s Head toilets and similar products

  • The Nature’s Head is a combination of dry-, separation- and composting toilet, as the separated solids are mixed with coconut fiber as a substrate for faster drying. This allows for an enlargement of the surface and allows faster and more complete drying.
  • It is not necessary to add substrate every time you use it!
  • By drying the solids, weight and volume are reduced enormously, which results in very long emptying intervals. Similar products only collect the solids and remove the odors.
  • In case of longer periods of non-use, emptying of the solids container is not necessary, the fan can be switched off.
  • The Nature’s Head is the only separation toilet on the market where men can urinate while standing, if desired or as usual.
  • For children no child seat is necessary, which requires space when not in use.
  • Installation of an additional urine tank is not required!
  • External dimensions are smaller than for similar products.

Already convinced?

Produktvergleich Campingtoiletten und Trenntoiletten

Make toilets separate solid and liquid, but do not provide compost ability. This has a negative effect on the frequency of emptying.


The size is essential for installation in a caravan, motorhome or boat, where the dimensions of the bathroom are usually very limited.


The price given here is the current market price and may vary.

Comparison of common camping toilets for motorhomes, boats and garden houses

Nature’s HeadSeparett Sanitoa Maxi
Separett Weekend 7010Separett Villa 9010Cinderella MotionThetford
Porta Potti
Qube 365
CTS 4110
PrincipleDry separation toilet with compostingDry toiletDry-separation toiletDry-separation toiletIncinerating toiletportable toiletCassette toiletCassette toilet
approx. 0.3 – 1.0 l per rinseapprox. 0.3 – 1.0 l per rinseapprox. 0.3 – 1.0 l per rinse
12 V / 60 mA
0,017 kWh/d

Switching off possible.

12 V / 210 mA
0,06 kWh/d

Continuous operation necessary

12 V / 210 mA
0,06 kWh/d

Continuous operation necessary

Standby 0,5 A
Operation 1.3 A
12 V DC / 4 A (11-14.4V)
max 5 A
Gas consumption110 g per incineration
Tank capacity8.3 l urine

Solids for 60 – 80 usages

35 l for urine + solids + substrateTank for urine required separately!
25 – 30 l solids
Tank for urine required separately!

23 l solids

not relevant21 l for urine + solids
+ Rinsing water
17 l for urine + solids + rinsing water19 l for urine + solids + rinsing water
H x W x D [mm]525 x 451 x 483530 x 450 x 540520 x 450 x 540541 x 456 x 672510 x 390 x 590414 x 383 x 427538 x 353 x 580382 x 672 x 530
Seat height [mm]500440490408460
Privacy protection flapPrivacy protection flap / yes

robust flap

Privacy protection flap / no
Privacy protection flap / noPrivacy protection flap / yes
Swivel flap
Privacy protection flap / yes
1x Coco coir fiber brick / filling

Garbage bag + animal bedding as substrateGarbage bagsGarbage bagsInletsToilet chemistry / approx. 1 € per emptyingToilet chemistry or SOGToilet chemistry or SOG
DeliveryToilet, mounting material, spray bottle
Weight12.7 kg9 kg13 kg21 kg20 kg4.0 kg
+ 15 l rinsing water
7.2 kg12.0 kg
Other…+ Men can also urinate while standing.

+ Child seat not required.

– Substrate required after every use.

– Short emptying intervals.

+ Child seat available, approx. 43 €+ Child seat included+ little waste

– high gas and power consumption
– high price

– frequent emptying necessary– frequent emptying necessary– frequent emptying necessary
Price [€]999 €ca. 250 €ca. 520 €ca. 775 – 795 €approx. €4,000
+ Installation
approx. 90 €410 – 490 €
possibly + cost of SOG
approx. 550 €
possibly + cost of SOG