Annoyed by the disposal of your toilet in RV, boat or garden shed?

Free yourself with a composting toilet!

Does your marina refuse to accept chemical toilets?

The fastest way, from our warehouse in Berlin / Germany to every EU-state and Swiss!

You will find the perfect, chemical and water free alternative to your old camping toilet here!

From 300.- € order value, free shipping  within Germany!


… no disposal facility for miles?

Great having a composting toilet!

If you…

… do not want to look constantly for fresh water, while your toilet is wasting it?

A dry toilet helps!

If your…

… toilet smells unpleasant sometimes?

This separating toilet is odor free!

Best mobile toilets

The Nature’s Head® Separating Toilet

is easy to install and even easier to use.

Composting-, dry-, and separating toilet all in one.

Separating toilet with smallest size on European market.

Separating toilet – why ToMTuR?

As experienced users of a Nature’s Head toilets on a boat and our RV, we can help you with any questions you may have.

We are the official sales partner of Nature’s Head Inc., Ohio.

All camping toilets are in stock, so we can ship from our Berlin warehouse.

Any questions about our separating toilets?

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